Bin Cleaning

Bin Cleaning and Washing Services

Bin CleaningOutdoor Pressure Wash also provides a variety of bin cleaning services. We can come to your home, office or work site and thoroughly clean all grime and gunk from the insides and outsides of your bin. Wheelie bins, Industrial bins and even Tip bins, we can clean them all with our super effective pressure washing systems.

Commercial Bin Cleaning

With commercial pressure washing jobs taking up a large portion of our business we understand the importance of having thoroughly cleaned bins. Unwashed bins can lead to the attraction of rodents as well as unwanted smells. To maintain a pleasant appearance at your workplace contact us today and speak to us about our bin cleaning services.

Residential Bin Cleaning

Wheelie bins over the years can get extremely filthy and smelly, this is normally due to the gunk that can build up at the base of the bin. Often you may find that the gunk gets so thick a high pressure washing system is needed to thoroughly clean the insides, this is where we come in. No one likes an unwashed bin, not even the people that come and empty it! If you find that your bin is in desperate need for a clean then give us a call so we can come round and show off our effective Bin cleaning services.

If you are perhaps interested in any other pressure cleaning services then let it be know that we also specialize in both High and Low pressure washing services, the removal of Gum and graffiti. We even provide the application of protective surface sealers. Sealing the surface after a good clean can make maintenance a breeze. This way later down the track you will find it much easier to wash the grime from a sealed surface.

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