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We know how to do our job exceptionally well – so why spend your time cleaning?

OUTDOOR PRESSURE WASHING & GRAFFITI REMOVAL is our business. It’s what we do (we do a lot of it and we’re really good at it)!

Hiring our professional Pressure Washing company makes sense when you think about it. You don’t need to own any equipment and you only use us when you need pressure washing done.   With our competitive rates, we’re saving you money and giving you back time.

Exterior  cleaning

House Washing, Driveways, Paths, Fences, Pool Area, Dock ways, Loading Bays, Shop Entry’s, Walk Ways and more. Quality pressure cleaning can remove slippery and unsightly black mould, patches of moss, some stains and even clean up some timber surfaces. It’s like a makeover for your outdoor areas.

Before Pressure Cleaning
After Pressure Cleaning

Before and After

Before Pressure Cleaning
After Pressure Cleaning

Before and After

Residential Property’s

Drive way and Pathways, Wheelie Bins, BBQ areas, Children’s play areas and swimming pool surrounds. Make everything look near new again. Don’t let that oil stain or thick black mould become the most noticeable thing on your driveway or around your pool area. We can safety pressure wash these areas bringing them back to life including concrete and most timber surfaces.

Commercial Properties

Your properties front fence and even your car park need a spruce up every so often. Even the front of your office building shop front need a good clean to maintain that near new look. Make a great first impression and prevent permanent staining with frequent good quality pressure cleaning.

Before Pressure Cleaning
After Pressure Cleaning

Before and After

We’re ready to make your place the cleanest it’s ever been

Remember when you moved in and everything was spotlessly clean.  With a little ongoing effort we can help you relive that experience. With Pressure washing, we can remove that slippery surface and get rid of that green build up on the southerly wall  and brighten up that “Dirty” driveway and Entry area.

We specialize in both High and Low pressure washing services, the removal of Gum and GRAFFITI and the application of protective surface sealers. Sealing the surface after a good clean can make maintenance a breeze.

Tennis courts are often forgotten about and with time that green court will go “BLACK.”  Let us clean it and protect it from mould and bacteria build up with our anti bacterial products.

BBQ and Outdoor alfresco dining areas are often forgotten areas. Let us remove the build up of Grease and Grime and make it the envy of your friends and guests.

Salt water and Boat trailers are not compatible.  Pressure washing the trailer will ensure the trailer does not “RUST” away.

That green build up on the southerly wall of your beautiful home, around the water tanks and on the concrete base slab needs to be eliminated…  yes we do this too.

Pool pavers can be cleaned and sealed to ensure they always look their best.

Schools, Clubs  and sporting areas and equipment all need to be free of bacteria and bugs. Pressure washing the equipment is a common practice for keeping gear and equipment clean.

“GRAFFITI” can be removed.  If you let us attend to your graffiti issues sooner rather than later, this will result in lower costs as it is easier to remove and even prevent.

Please remember that we will clean almost anything, anywhere, anytime.

All we need is for you to call us on 0429 511 470 anytime / any day and we will happily provide you with a quoted price.

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